About me

I am about to present you some of my work, hair and makeup styles and the wonderful life I live in. You can see the work of many talented people I am lucky enough to be collaborating with, photographers, hair stylists and fashion designers. I wish you an enjoyable visit of my website! Feel free to leave any comments for me to continue to improve my work and website.

Covering a range of visual possibilities, from natural to glamorous, edgy to artistic, there are no limits and I am here to make you feel like a star.

I was born in the USA and was raised in the fashion industry through my mother, who was a model. I followed in her steps, and in 2000 during my time in modeling, I went to school in Florida to obtain a license as a makeup artist and hair stylist. I worked as a freelance artist in Miami, New York and L.A. for private clients, photographers, and Hollywood.

Love brought me to Switzerland in 2007, making it my new base. Today I am married and have a 4 year old little boy.

Make-up is my passion, and I love bringing out the best out of my clients. No matter the occasion, you will look and feel amazing. I have been working in the industry as a professional hair and makeup artist since 1999 and have gained immense knowledge since. I own a wide range of products to work with any type of ethnicity, culture, and whim.

I have been highly involved in the fashion industry, while doing makeup for models and artists, either during events or during photo sessions. I work in collaboration with photographers and hair stylists, as well as talented fashion designers and I have participated in the greatest and most famous shows around Switzerland. My work has been featured in magazines and professional photo shootings, as well as in music videos and Hollywood movies.

On the other side, I adapt myself to corporate and business needs and have provided my services to the biggest companies and corporations in Switzerland and abroad. Entertainment is another industry I have worked in, through theater, TV shows, music videos and movies.

As a freelance artist, I am available to work anywhere, anytime depending on your location.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information, because everything is possible.

For you,

April Oustinovitch

+ 41 79 552 35 38